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Matilda Mini Skirt in Brown Bouclé

Matilda Mini Skirt in Brown Bouclé

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The Matilda Mini showcases beautiful New Zealand bouclé yarn with its signature looped texture. Pair with the Matilda Sleeves for the ultimate look <3

The bouclé yarn was sourced at the Nelson Saturday Market. Being hand-dyed & wound, this yarn was already unique. Sadly production has stopped so this yarn is the last of its kind -- making it all the more special. 

one of one

Best fit S (sizing is flexible due to elastic waistband, message for exact measurements if wanted x)


model is 161cm & XS

Care Guide

Store folded to avoid distortion

Wash seasonally with cold water and wool shampoo: submerge in water, pressing to release  air bubbles, lightly agitate to remove any marks.  Drain and refill with clean water before gently pressing water out. Dry flat on a towel in the shade.

Gentle seasonal depilling may be neccessary to keep the kid mohair halo <3

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